Inclusive Early Childhood Education

Inclusive Early Childhood Education.
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Quality in early childhood education is a prominent concern for policy-makers and has recently become a priority for many international and European organisations. Given these international concerns, the Agency undertook a three-year project (2015–2017) entitled Inclusive Early Childhood Education. It aimed to identify, analyse and subsequently promote the main characteristics of quality inclusive early childhood education (IECE)for all children.. This report is a summary of the synthesis report (European Agency, 2017a) that brings together the main project findings. It focuses on the project’s three new contributions to policy-making, research and practice in IECE. These are:

  • a rationale for and implications of adopting an inclusive vision and goals as the main standards of IECE policy and provision;
  • the development and use by practitioners of a Self-Reflection Tool for improving IECE settings;
  • adaptation of an Ecosystem Model of IECE within the setting, community and national levels.

This report concludes with a set of recommendations mainly directed at policy-makers. They are presented within the framework of the new Ecosystem Model of IECE.

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